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Michael Andreas, M.Ed.

Educator and Consultant:

Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science Teaching and Training, Emergency Management, IT Systems Architecture, and Systems and Data Analyses Consulting.

Explore this site to learn about my diverse skill-set and experience solving problems and mentoring others around the world. If you would like to discuss an opportunity for collaboration, please email me at


My experiences have shaped my capabilities as a teacher.

I am passionate about learning and developing holistically in diverse, collaborative environments where my skills can contribute to positive, humanistic outcomes. I seek to nurture and celebrate agency in my students, family, friends, colleagues, and myself. I would define agency as the culmination of one's capability to maximize desired positive outcomes through ongoing emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

In addition to a decade of various teaching roles from being a pre-school teacher, to a middle school computer science teacher, an online curriculum designer, and currently as a high-school physics instructor and department head, I have twenty years of experience solving problems internationally in a variety of consulting roles. 

My competency as an educator directly links to my vast consulting career.

As a consultant, I facilitated training, emergency management, project and team management, scientific research, data analyses, and IT systems. I maintain skills in software development/architecture, support, process development, systems analysis/integration, and business analysis. I have Emergency Management, IT, training, and project management experience in low-capacity environments. I have also participated in cosmic ray research and data analysis on behalf of the Enrico Fermi Institute's Lab for Astrophysics and Space Research on the Ulysses solar probe project related to my Physics BA thesis.

I have learned to utilize evidence-based international best practice methodologies to solve problems. Education is no different. If we agree on an outcome, then we apply international evidence-based best-practice standards that align with the desired result.

I practice evidence-based, learner-centered pedagogy in order to provide students with the agency to enrich their lives, and their communities culminating in a better world. I have applied these techniques in Laos to teach physics and have documented my results in my M.Ed. thesis.

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