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The inspiration for this site: My daughter, Amelie's portfolio.

My daughter attended Think Global School (TGS) where she participated in Project-based Learning (PjBL) in 12 countries in 3 years. She is now attending Reed College in the United States.


Another Inspiration: my wife, Angie Andreas' website chronicling her PYP students' artistic creations over time.

Angie has inspired me to make my physics PjBL projects more transdisciplinary explicitly incorporating art and design.


Learner-centered Project-Based Learning (PjBL) and more!

Useful Education Links:

Active Learning, Experiential PBL, and PjBL

The  Quadrafecta - Maslow, Bloom, Kohlberg, and Freire

Cognitive Bias and Metacognition



Physics, Math, Philosophy (That I Love)

Math, Science and Philosophy that I keep going back to.

Language and Travel

Portuguese, Lao, Thai, Spanish, and French Resources

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